We are Henrik Leichsenring and Sofia Gillström, a creative team from Sweden. We're currently having a blast with the great people at , Amsterdam.






In february 2011 we were asked to work on the pitch for IKEA Canada. The proposed strategy was to help make every home unique by offering inspiration to it's customers.
We proposed a social platform with inspirational content generated by IKEA fans, well known designers and from IKEA themselves. Users could upload images of their homes and tag the IKEA products in the photo, creating a huge library of inspiration made of real homes all across Canada.

The IKEA platform was a great place for sharing your own creations, and also a source of inspiration. All content and products were taggable, sharable, searchable and likable, and could be saved to favourites.

The tagging system was connected with the online shop. Once an image was tagged, it could be seen in the e-shop as decorating references before purchase.

The iPhone app
The mobile version integrated the personal account from the platform into the phone, and made it into a helpful shopping tool, telling you where all the items you had saved or favourited, could be found in the store.

1. Upload an image of your home.

2. Tag the IKEA product, describe the photo and upload it to the What’s your IKEA platform

3. Now everyone can browse through the uploaded images of homes across Canada, to be inspired and find IKEA products.

4. Once an image was tagged, it could be seen in the shop. So if someone was looking for an Karlstad sofa, they could see all kinds of variations of how to decorate with it.

Created at Sid Lee
CD: Dave Roberts
Digital Creatives: Henrik Leichsenring, Sofia Gillström, Pawel Swolinski
ATL Creatives: Jennifer Nagy, Paul Constantakis, Christopher Jones,
Dominique Audet, Marcella Coad, Jessie Sternthal, Johnny Macri.